Chef Profile

Marc Albalate is the Robbie’s head chef. Marc was born in Barcelona, but grew up in Palma, the capital of Mallorca (the largest of the Balearic Islands). The locals – Mallorquins – are a traditional bunch who love good food, great weather and amazing natural spots. They have the kind of attitude and love of life that has inspired books to be written about them.

Marc is no different, and having lived in ‘exotic’ Australia for six years, he enjoys the parallels with Spain – happy people, relaxed lifestyle, great food. He happily embraces the mix of cultural influences at the Robbie – he loves cooking traditional Spanish dishes and always has a good selection of Spanish wines in his own kitchen, but also likes to experiment, especially with the colours and aromas of Thai and Vietnamese cuisines. He’s never been to Scotland, but would like to visit one day and is keen to try haggis (but wouldn’t be caught dead in a kilt!).

If a film was made about his Marc’s life, he says he would be played by Danny DeVito. It’s hard to tell why from a picture – but apparently those who know him will understand!

Romesco Salsa

Friday 30th May


Romesco sauce (or salsa) originated in Tarragonia, one of the coastal provinces of Catalonia. It is said that the fishermen of the area concocted it to eat with fish. It is a fantastic accompaniment to seafood, more